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Partnership Opportunities Website
Partnership Opportunities Website


More than Just a Baseball Game!


You are now part of the Thunder Entertainment Experience - the sights, sounds, smells and entertainment value that families, groups and corporations continue to embrace for over 28 years. There are plenty of traditional and non-traditional opportunities for sponsors to be directly involved with our fans.


It's not just a way to reach more people - it's a way to become an important and memorable part of the fun!


No other Minor League Baseball team receives national and worldwide recognition like the Thunder.


Click here to watch ESPN's E:60 "The Family Business" with Thunder Bat Dogs

Partnership Opportunities Website


Since Trenton Thunder's inception in 1994, there came a commitment from the organization to be a part of the community in which it was established.


To date, the Grand Slam We Care Foundation has donated over $7.6 million worth of goods, services and monetary donations, through a variety of community programs.


The Thunder created the F.I.E.L.D. (Focused Initiative for Enhanced Learning and Development) Program in 2016.


It's mission is help renovate and revitalize our local community's little league fields.


Tickets for Kids



Each season the Thunder teams up with corporations to provide tickets to deserving non-profit groups as part of the Tickets For Kids program. This program allows children to enjoy all the fun surrounding a professional baseball game when they might not ordinarily be able to do so.


Since the 1996 season, over 67,000 children have enjoyed Thunder baseball because of this program.
Partnership Opportunities Website

Brand Awareness

Align Your Business With The Thunder ~ A Family Fun Experience For 28 Successful Years

Premier digital partnership



  • Full screen ad with announcement on 68’x21’ HD display
  • Large ad on 68’x21’ HD display every nine batters
  • Left field video message center ad, 1 inning per game
  • 100% digital ad on the Rt. 29 Highway Marquee, every 144 seconds (an average of 34,000 cars pass Trenton Thunder Ballpark daily)


Showcase yourself as a major community partner and be one of just nine sponsors.

Outfield Billboard/ Concourse Signs


Season-long Brand Exposure on the most popular signage option at Trenton Thunder Ballpark.



A 3’ x 5’ sign in a high traffic location on the main concourse. Space and location allow more information about your products and services.

Outfield Billboard



XYZ COMPANY can have a season-long presence at Trenton Thunder Ballpark with an 8’ high x 32’ wide outfield billboard.  Outfield billboards are the most popular signage option at Trenton Thunder Ballpark as they provide the backdrop for the action on the field and have fans “staring” out at them each game.  They are also captured in newspaper, website and magazine photos as well as TV news highlights.


Billboard location and design is for example purposes only.  Actual location & artwork TBD.  8’x16’ sign available for $8,500.




Concourse Signs


A 3’ x 5’ sign in a high traffic location on the main concourse. Space and location allow more information about your products and services.

Unique Concourse signage

Unique SIGNage 

  • Road to the Majors
  • Team Leaders
  • Upcoming Promotions
  • Starting Lineups
  • League Leaders
  • Farm Report

Picnic Area Signs - top

Located in our top picnic area, this 9' wide x 4.5' high sign faces both inside and outside of the ballpark. It can be seen from Route 29 which has 34,000+ vehicles travelling southbound daily!

Picnic Area Signs - Lower

Located in our lower picnic area, this 5' wide x 10' high sign faces both inside and outside the ballpark. It can be seen from Route 29 which has 34,000+ vehicles travelling southbound daily!

Illuminated & Section Signs


Back lit so they easily stand out against the facing of the upper deck.

30’’ x 10’ -- Full Color.



Two-Sided. Visible from both the seating bowl and main concourse located above each seating section on the concourse.

3' x 10' -- Full Color; Vinyl

Illuminated & Section Signs


Back lit so they easily stand out against the facing of the upper deck.

30’’ x 10’ -- Full Color.



Two-Sided. Visible from both the seating bowl and main concourse located above each seating section on the concourse.

3' x 10' -- Full Color; Vinyl

Section Sponsorship

Section Sponsorship 

Your company can sponsor one of the 200 level sections at Trenton Thunder Ballpark. By sponsoring a section, your company will receive:

  • Signage on the crosswalk in front of the section
  • Signage on the hand railings on either side of the section
  • Signage on the cup holders in the section with the opportunity to provide a traffic driving coupon that will be stuffed in each cup holder of your sponsored section by Thunder staff every game
  • Signage on the i-beams at the top of the section on the concourse
  • Four (4) full season Thunder Makes Memberships in the sponsored section

Video and scoreBoard signs

video board SIGNage 

This illuminated sign stands 5 ½’ tall by 30’ wide and sits atop the 68’ digital Video Board where all the action inside the park is captured and highlighted for every fan to see.



These premium 10’ wide x 16’ high signs near the graphics display screen and scoreboard at Trenton Thunder Ballpark.  

Pre-game Video Commercials

Showcase your company's message with a (:30) second pre-game PA announcement or video commercial to connect with Thunder fans as they await the beginning of a night of entertainment at Trenton Thunder Ballpark.

Batter Headshot

Batter Headshot Ad 

A Batter Headshot Sponsorship is a great way to gain thousands of impressions for your brand on a daily basis for about $28 per game. When a batter is announced over the PA system, your company will be branded on approximately 60% (21’ x 37’) of the right field display for 2-3 seconds.  As the batter steps into the batter’s box, the zoned section of the video board will transition into a batter headshot with batter stats.  This will include your company branding for the duration of the at-bat. Your company would be featured on at least one batter per game and may change the artwork during the season. The package also includes a 10-game Thunder Makes Membership.

Batter Headshot Large

When a batter is announced over the PA system, XYZ COMPANY will be branded on approximately 60% (21’ x 37’) of the right field display for 2-3 seconds.

Batter Headshot Small

As the batter steps into the batter’s box, the zoned section of the video board will transition into a batter headshot with batter stats.  This will include the XYZ COMPANY branding for the duration of the at-bat.

Speed of Pitch & Time of Day Clock


Your company logo will appear next to the speed of pitch zone on the left field video display zone.


Time of Day CLOCK 

Your company logo will appear with the time of day at all times throughout the season. Catch the attention of fans as they check both the left field and right field video boards throughout their experience at Trenton Thunder Ballpark.

Riverview Dugout Seats

SPONSOR would have the naming rights to the Riverview Dugout Seats.  This area will be premium hospitality seats located in the first row of section 106.  The 8 seats would allow fans to receive the Thunder Entertainment Experience from the best seats in the ballpark.  The seat package would include a ticket to the game, classic ballpark fare menu, and a server for the entire game - you could also have a branding opportunity on the server's uniform.


**Riverview Dugout Seat Package would also include additional branding opportunities including a pre-game PA announcement, and branding on all of the additional cup holders in section 106

Family Fun Zone

Family fun zone sponsor  

Located at field level next to the Thunder Bullpen.  The Family Fun Zone playground is a constant attraction to kids during games.  $5.00 gets them a wristband and they can play all night long.  Open from the time the stadium opens until the 7th Inning. The Family Fun Zone is a fun place for the kids 12 and under and their parents.


Title Sponsorship of the FAMILY FUN ZONE receives:

  • Banner Signs within the play area
  • 2 Direction Signs along the wall on both levels at the end of the first base concourse.
  • Half page ad in the Thunder Game Day Program
  • Name and logo recognition is given every time the FAMILY FUN ZONE is mentioned on the PA/Video Board or Radio
  • Opportunity to provide a traffic driving coupon to be handed out at the entrance of the Family Fun Zone

Dugout sponsor Packages

  • Half Dugout Top (30' wide x 6' high) 
  • Full Dugout Top (60' wide x 6' high) 
  • Dugout Top, Padded Railings and Inside Wall 
  • Dugout Top, Padded Railings, Inside Wall and Tunnel Canopy 

Dugout Sponsor Packages

  • Half Dugout Top (30' wide x 6' high) 
  • Full Dugout Top (60' wide x 6' high) 
  • Dugout Top, Padded Railings and Inside Wall 
  • Dugout Top, Padded Railings, Inside Wall and Tunnel Canopy 

Unique Ballpark Signage

Entrance/ Cross walk/ I beams/ Cup Holders/ Foul Pole

Batter's Eye Signage



This exclusive signage opportunity can be seen throughout the ballpark, as well as on Route 29! It can be seen at all 70 Trenton Thunder home games as well as special events held at Trenton Thunder Ballpark throughout the calendar year.

Fan Services

Fan Services is a location focused on providing first class customer service!  This location receives the highest amount of traffic throughout the main concourse, giving fans a chance to find out information about Trenton Thunder Ballpark and the Thunder during a game.  This is also a location for fans to sign up for contests and receive prizes throughout the season.

Stadium Gate Signage



Your company can be featured on this EXCLUSIVE 8'x30' GIANT MESH SCREEN covering the main field gate of Trenton Ballpark.


This sign is visible from Route 29 which sees over 34,000 vehicles traveling southbound daily.


Your sign would be seen by passers-by throughout the calendar year as well as all 70 Thunder home games and additional special events at Trenton Thunder Ballpark.


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Promotions are the spoon that stirs the Minor League Baseball pot. Fans love our different promotional nights, giveaways, between-innings entertainment and when a national act comes out to the ballpark to entertain.

T-Shirt Toss

T-Shirt Toss Sponsor  

Your company will sponsor the between-innings t-shirt toss at all Trenton Thunder home games. Your company has the opportunity to provide branded t-shirts for this promotion.

Fireworks Game Sponsorship

Your Business Logo Front and Center during the entire Fireworks Show!

Kids Eat Free

Every Tuesday night game at the Trenton Thunder is a super value thanks to Kids Eat Free.


As the title sponsor of this program, your logo will be associated with the special offer for families whenever Kids Eat Free is mentioned.


This includes exposure on:

  • Thunder website
  • “Fun On Deck” e-mail newsletter
  • Pocket schedules
  • Print and radio advertising
  • In-stadium announcements and promos during Thunder game broadcasts
    • On the radio
    • Online



Thunder fans love entrance giveaways! As a giveaway sponsor, your company logo will be displayed along side the Thunder logo on the giveaway that will be distributed to the first (insert distribution here).


Your company will receive recognition in all Thunder media (website, radio, print, in-park) as the sponsor of the giveaway, media exposure throughout the marketplace prior to the game, a ceremonial first pitch the day of the game, and more!

On-Field Promo



One of the great appeals of a Trenton Thunder game is that the entertainment never stops!


There’s something fun planned for each inning break and your company can be part of the entertainment experience as the title sponsor of a between innings contest.


Your logo will be displayed on the left field graphics screen and overlaid on the bottom of the video screen throughout the contest.


Your company will be mentioned in the opening of the contest and the closing may contain the your tag line or slogan.

On-site activation


Interact with Thunder fans with a display in a high traffic area on the main concourse. This is a perfect chance to have your representatives meet fans face-to-face, gather contact information and distribute collateral materials and samples. Take advantage of this opportunity by holding a raffle for a prize pack and the the winner announced over the PA during the game. Availability for our most popular games is extremely limited due to high demand.



Times Square is the stone and brick plaza in the front of the stadium, near the two main entrances and ticket windows. This is a common gathering place for fans as they wait for the gates to open, purchase or pick up their tickets or wait for friends and family members. It’s also a captive audience that your company can interact with before a Thunder game!


Launch-a-Ball Hoop sponsor - $1,000 value +prizes

Launch-A-Ball is a fun, interactive promotion that not only provides name recognition and brand awareness, but it sends lucky fans home with a great prize that will drive business back to your company.

Exit Distribution

Exit Distribution - $2,500/GAME VALUE

As fans exit Trenton Thunder Ballpark, members of the Trenton Thunder front office will thank them for coming out to the game and will directly hand them a coupon, advertisement, or sample. This is a great way to leave a lasting impression with all the fans leaving the ballpark.

Pride Night

In 2022 we look to grow our Pride Night and hope to partner with you with you on one of our sponsor levels!


Fireworks Sponsor:


- Present the post-game Fireworks show! Branding will be included on the video board during the length of the show. 


- 75 Tickets donated to an LGBT Community Partner


- Concourse Table


-10 Tickets for your organization. Ability to purchase additional at the group rate.


Investment: $5,000 (Exclusive)


Supporting Sponsor:


- Branding on the night. CAPITAL HEALTH will be recognized as a supporting sponsor of Pride Night prior and during the game!


- 75 Tickets donated to an LGBT Community Partner.


- Concourse Table 


- 10 Tickets for your organization. Ability to purchase additional at the group rate. 


Investment: $2,000 

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Print & Multimedia

Live Broadcast

live broadcast 

The live broadcast package includes:


RADIO (:30 seconds)

Broadcast your company’s message during exciting live radio on ESPN 920 AM during all 140 Trenton Thunder game broadcasts with Gregg Casserta. There are many ways to advertise on the radio including :30-second in-game spots, plus pre- and post-game shows and special radio promotions.



Reach Thunder fans everywhere with dominant placement on the MiLB.TV video stream. Your logo will be displayed next to the score graphic for one complete inning during each Thunder game broadcast on MiLB.TV.


MiLB.TV Video Commercial (:30 seconds)

A great way to reach a large amount of people at once with your company’s brand or product. Video commercials can be changed throughout the season to feature your different brands or promotions.



Four (4) pack of tickets to ten (10) Thunder home games (game dates TBD).

Print Advertising


Put your ad in the hands of our ticket holders with our will-call ticket envelopes. Last season we drew over 340,000 fans, and we average close to 1,000 will-call envelopes per game.



Our number 1 piece of print advertising! Pocket schedules are distributed to businesses, fans and media across Mercer & Bucks Counties. One of the most popular “out-of-stadium” forms of sponsorship, these have the longest shelf life of any marketing material, as fans hold on to these all season long. The Thunder will distribute 250,000 copies before and throughout the season.


GAME PROGRAM ad - (quarter page) /  (half page) /  (full page)

In our quest to maximize “fan experience” the Thunder provide every fan Thunder Road, our FREE game day program which features players, team information, rosters and other essential information about Thunder Baseball. Your business will have a personalized, full-color ad in all 3 Thunder Road editions.  


TICKET BACKS - $5,000 value

Place an ad on the back of Trenton Thunder ticket stubs and your message will be put right into the hands of fans all season long. This is a great way to put your name and logo on something that will be seen before and during the game and saved as a collectible afterward. Ticket backs are the perfect opportunity to provide a valuable coupon that will drive traffic to your locations.



Ticket ads are a great way to drive people directly to your business or products. The ticket ads can be presented as a coupon and are a great way to track your investment. Your offer will be put directly in the hands of our fans!

Parking Ticket Advertisement

Parking Tickets 

Advertise on the parking tickets at Trenton Thunder Ballpark! Every car will receive your ad and be reminded of your company at all Thunder home games throughout the 2022 season. Your advertisement could include a special offer that can be used as a coupon such as (insert sample offer here).


Included in the package is a full season Thunder Makes Membership.

Digital Media

web BANNER AD - $1,500 value

The Trenton Thunder official website,, is the online hub for all things Thunder-related including team news, promotions, ticket information, merchandise, game broadcasts and more. Banner advertising is available on select pages within


FUN ON DECK e-newsletter ad - $5,000 value

The Thunder have a database of over 100,000 area fans that receiver the in-season weekly “Fun On Deck” e-mail blast which includes up-to-date information on the team, promotions and ticket offers. During the Thunder's off-season, Thunder E-Blasts are typically bi-weekly.

Route 29 Marquee

Marquee Advertising - $2,000 per 4-week flight


Route 29 is a major highway that connects Trenton with interstate highways 195 (toward the Jersey shore), the NJ Turnpike (toward New York City) and 295 (toward South Jersey & Atlantic City). The screen is 13.5’x 14.5’ and is on 24 hours a day. The marquee is seen by over 34,000 drivers each day, many of whom are commuters from communities surrounding Trenton. The marquee is located at the picturesque front of the ballpark and at the intersection where fans pass by to enter the stadium parking lots. 

Thunder Digital Network

MiLB fans are diverse and passionate.


The Thunder Digital Engagement network is a unique way to connect with enthusiastic fans through digital screens around the Trenton Thunder Ballpark concourse.



Engage fans with customized campaigns to drive brand awareness, distribute coupons, generate leads or run sweepstakes. On-screen creative can be customized to meet your campaign objectives.

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Choose your Group Outing from a variety of options:

  • Stadium Seating
  • Fundraising
  • Capital City Club & Conference Center
  • Picnic Area
  • Luxury Suites
  • Birthday Parties
  • Team Outings


Thunder Makes Membership Program

The THUNDER MAKES Membership Program is a year-round THUNDER experience pass featuring tickets, exclusive access to member-only events, discounts on food, merchandise and parking, and more. Members also receive early access to special events! With plans ranging from full-season to 6 games, there's something for every Thunder fan.

Group Outings & Company Picnics

Special rates for tickets, food vouchers and merchandise. Each group will receive recognition on the scoreboard and one member will get the special opportunity to throw out a first pitch on the field before the game.


Our NJM Insurance Group Picnic area has the serving capacity of over 300 people - you can enjoy a game from a table in our private picnic areas, located above the visiting team bullpen in left field. Your group will have access to a delicious buffet-style 90-minute picnic.

CAPITAL CITY Club & Conference Center

Located on the luxury suite level behind home plate, The Capital City Club & Conference Center includes a delicious 90-minute buffet.


This upscale hospitality area features:

  • collection of Major League Baseball memorabilia
  • private wait service
  • fully stocked bar with bartender
  • balcony seating


The room is climate controlled, has several TVs and features large windows overlooking the playing field.

Luxury Suites & The Thunder Club

Seats 25


Climate controlled suites, wait service and flat screen TVs.

FANATICS Clubhouse

Seats 50


Twice the size of the rest of our Luxury Suites!